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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance Quotes.

Life insurance is one of those things we dont really want to discuss.  It means we have to pay money towards something we might not have to use, or perhaps we can put it off till next yearť.  Most of us owe large amounts of money on things like mortgages etc and next year may never come for us.  When families are confronted with a sudden death, it often results in added financial stress to work through options how to deal with these financial commitments.

This is only one reason why Life Insurance should be considered.  It is best to discuss your personal situation with a qualified financial planner.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

Total and permanent disability is yet another event we hate to discuss.  When someone suddenly loses their capacity to work, families not only face the loss of income but have to deal with extra care, and medical expenses.  TPD policies are products designed to address these risks.

Trauma / Crisis Cover

This type of insurance usually covers major issues like cancer, stokes, heart attacks etc.  Different policies include more or less of these major events.  Ask your broker to explain all the options including reinstatement options.

Income Protection

When you lose your income for a certain period of time, it could trigger a domino effect with outstanding commitments like credit cards, mortgages, phone contracts etc. piling up and when you cannot pay these, it may mean you have to sell your house, car etc.  Income protection is a product developed to cater for these risks.  Like all other financial products, this is a specialized product and best dealt with by a qualified financial advisor.  Get quotes from an advisor today.

Superannuation Consolidation

It is very common to have more than one superannuation fund. Ă‚ Many people in fact lose track of the smaller funds and funds then have a hard time finding the rightful owners.
Most financial advisors can assist in consolidating these funds if you so wish.

Always Seek Professional Help

We have mentioned it before but it needs to be said again. Ă‚ Financial issues are deeply personal.  Not all people are adequately trained to assist you with these matters.  It is therefore advisable to always seek advice from a trained professional.


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