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Tips for Choosing Home Builders

Making the decision to build a new home is monumental.  Along with this significant decision comes the equally weighty decision of choosing your home builder.  Everyone understands that a good home builder will not cut corners, sacrifice costs, or make erroneous choices.  However, finding good building companies is not always an easy task.  How do you know that your home builder is one of the “good guys”?  How can you be certain you are not paying to build a home that will start breaking within five years?Additionally, many certifications and memberships require a minimum amount of time spent in the industry along with maintained good standing.  Good customer reviews demonstrate an ability to work with many different types of customers and provide a strong home and happy client.  Let’s evaluate these three benchmarks. It’s not as hard as you think! Simply check and see if the home builders, who are giving you quotes, belong to any professional organizations, have relevant certifications, or have good customer reviews. Obtaining these shows that the builder is invested in the industry and it is not just some “fly by night” outfit. Building Company Memberships A builder does not need to have all these memberships but at least one demonstrates the good will and standing of building companies. HIA stands for Housing Industry Association.  It is the largest residential building organization in Australia and includes members from all aspects of the building trade; not just home builders.  This means HIA membership includes designers, contractors, builders, suppliers, and manufacturers.  They strive to be a voice for the home building industry.  If you see this logo, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a building company that is professional. Master Builders is Australia major construction and building association.  It promotes the interests of the industry and provides services to its members.  These services encompass a broad range; legal services, training, building codes, and industrial relations.  A member of this association has access to continuing education that a non-member simply does not get.

Certifications for Builders in Brisbane

BSA (Building Services Authority) was established by the Building Services Authority Act 1991.  They license contractors and give consumers valuable advice about their legal rights.  They also prosecute people who do not comply with the law.  If BSA does NOT license your builder, find another builder.  They have a branch in Queensland and in Brisbane so it should be easy to determine if your Brisbane home builder is licensed through them.  However, most contractors proudly display their certification. Under the Fair Trading Act, you are entitled to certain rights and given certain responsibilities.  Visit the Queensland Govt Office of Fair Trading website to learn more.  You can also search to see if the home builder you employee is properly licensed.

Gold Coast Builders Customer Reviews

The experience and information provided by previous customers is invaluable.  Product Review is a service providing customer reviews for home builders from all over Australia. Keep in mind that usually only very satisfied or very dissatisfied customers post reviews.  The average customer does not feel motivated to share their experience, so most reviews will be abnormally high or low.  Take this into consideration when reading reviews and forming an opinion about home builders. The information on this page should help you make an informed decision when choosing the home builder for your new home.  Be certain to do your due diligence and find a building company that is professional and will build you a strong home.

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