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Considering solar, but need the facts? Here is what you need to know about solar power, solar hot water systems and solar pool heating. Whether you want a new system, replace an old one, or simply need advice; our suppliers at After a Quote can help you.

Solar systems produce heat and energy from the sun without the harm of pollution. It is especially beneficial to those who live in the remote areas of Australia. Installing solar panels gives you access to free energy, whilst preserving our environment.

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Before Buying Before installing any type of solar system it is important to check two things.
1. As all energy comes from the sun, it is highly recommended to check that no buildings or trees will shadow the solar panels. Limited contact to sunlight will consequent in limited results.
2. Get an expert to inspect the stability of your roof. It is important to know whether your roof is in good condition and can hold the weight of solar panels, and in some cases a storage tank.

Solar Power (Electricity)
Solar power is created when sunlight hits the solar panels, which will be located on your roof. The electrical current is produced when sunlight comes in contact with the silicon wafers; also known as photoelectric cells. Solar panels charge during daylight which provides you with clean, renewable energy when needed.
Solar power systems can be installed using two different techniques.

1. Grid-Connected Solar Power – This is the most frequently used system and is connected directly to the power network. This means when there is a shortage in solar power; electricity will automatically be sourced from the grid. There are two things included when installing a grid-connected solar power system. An inverter and an electricity meter. The inverter is what transfers the direct current to the alternating current and the electricity meter measures the flow of electricity. This flow can be either the outflow of electricity from the grid, or solar electricity credited from your side. Credited electricity is a major advantage to solar power, as you can sell unused electricity back to the grid.

2. Stand-Alone Solar – With this system the power goes to batteries, where it is stored. Stand alone solar is more expensive than the other system as it is more complex and is not connected to the electricity grid. The disadvantage of this system, compared to grid connected solar power, is the fact that stand-alone can reach a fully loaded level; whereas grid connected can never be full.

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Hot water system

The use of solar hot water systems is an excellent way to pay less for your hot water. Solar panels are essential, just as it is for solar power. However, hot water systems use the heat of the sun, where solar power produces energy from light.

How It Works

Hot water is stored in a tank after it has passed through the solar panels that are located on the roof of the building. Water is purely heated by sunlight as it circulates through the collectors. The storage tanks for the hot water are available in various forms and are made from either stainless steel or copper.

Positioning of storing tanks comes in two options; hi-line and lo-line units. Hi-line units have the storage tank on the roof, located above the solar panels. Lo-line units, on the other hand, provide you with the option of having the tank inside or outside as it is on ground level. Many prefer lo-line units as only the panels are located on the roof, with the tank out of sight. When the water storage tank is located at ground level, an electric pump is used to circulate the water to the roof collectors, where the water is heated. Both hi-line and lo-line units can be gas or electricity boosted.

Electricity and gas boosters are used on days where sunlight is not sufficient for heating purposes. The use of electricity or gas is used to supplement energy when the energy coming from the sun is not sufficient enough to raise the water temperature to the expected level.  Therefore, you will never go without hot water, but save lump sums by using renewable sources.

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 Pool Heating
Solar pool heating is an affordable way to warm up the pool and use on the chilly winter days. This system is easy to install as it works through the existing pool pump. By placing solar water collectors in a sunny spot; such as the roof or on ground near the pool, allows the sun to heat the water that will be transferred back into the pool through the water pump.

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