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 Need fencing? Whether it is for security, privacy, marking barriers, keeping pets in the yard or just for styling, suppliers at After A Quote can help you find the perfect fence. There are three points to consider, however, prior to installing any type of fencing.
  1.  Always discuss the structure, material and height of the boundary fence with your neighbouring properties.
  2.  When considering what type of fencing you will make use of, keep in mind your view. Brick walls might not result in a desirable outcome when you have a view
  3. At all times, make sure that you are abiding by fence height regulations.      


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Fencing Materials   


Timber – Timber fencing comes in a variety of designs and has been the traditional fencing option in Australia for many years.  There is often the option to choose between hardwood and pine, with hardwood being the more durable and expensive one out of the two.  Downside about timber is the fact that it can rot if not treated appropriately. Timber fencing, does however, have the advantage of being repaired easily.   


Colorbond – Fencing made from colorbond steel comes in such a wide variety of colours; it is hard not to find a colour that will suit.  One of the factors that make colorbond fencing unique is that is completely recyclable.  Colorbond fencing is also a great security barrier and provides privacy as there are no splits or gaps to see through.     
Chain wire – Chain wire fencing is not often seen in residential areas, but rather securing commercial and industrial properties, sporting fields and car parks. Wire fencing is not always the most attractive choice; however, it does have a long life span at an affordable price.  Chain wire fencing is fairly easy to repair and is not of high maintenance.   

Glass – Glass fencing is often used to secure pools or used as barriers for balconies. Glass is of high maintenance as it requires regular cleaning. It can, however, be tinted; this allowing a bit of privacy whilst preserving your views.    

Brick wall - A brick wall fence is a rendered cement wall that requires very little maintenance.  Brick wall fencing is not only employed by thousands of home owners for security purpose, but also due to the fact that a brick wall can be painted to match the exact colour of the building. Brick walls leaves room for creativity as designs can be altered to different levels.      
Steel – Steel fencing is known for its durability and is quite easy to maintain. It can, however, dent easily if not handled appropriately. Steel fencing can also corrode, and therefore should not be used for pool areas or in coastal locations if not treated appropriately.  If utilized in suitable areas, steel fencing is a great option as it is available in a large variety of colours and designs.  
  Fencing Structures and Types



Tubular – Tubular fencing is often used for securing pools and does not require a high degree of maintenance. It is mostly made from either steel or aluminium, and quite frequently used as pool fencing as kids cannot climb over the spikes or loops.  Tubular fencing is available in different designs, and often has an elegant look to it.    

Retaining wall – The purpose of retaining walls is to stabilise sloping ground. Retaining walls are often constructed from sturdy materials such as stone or cement. Depending on the slope, development approval is required in some circumstances from the council. It is recommended to seek advice before constructing a retaining wall 


Pool fence – With pool fencing there are various rules and regulations to abide by. When installing fencing for the pool, height is a factor and should be at least 1.2m high. The type of material used for pool fencing should also be considered as various fencing types is seen as climbable and is therefore not permitted.  It is also important to note that all pool gates require self closing hinges.     
Balustrade – A Balustrade works as a safety precaution around a balcony, staircase or patio.  The railing is there to prevent people from falling, but also adds a decorative touch.  Balustrade comes in various designs and different materials can be used. This allows homeowners a huge choice and it is therefore easy to compliment your house design with the right balustrade.         

 Slat – Slat fences have become popular due to its durability and ability to provide privacy.  Slats are aligned horizontally, allowing fine rays of light to come through and are most commonly made from timber; but aluminium is also frequently used. Slat fencing has a unique style and is often not only used as fencing, but as feature walls in outside gardening areas.   

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